Friday, August 21, 2009

Julie and Julie and Julia

I saw Julie and Julia today. Cute. Meryl Streep was fabulous, as always. I could have watched her for the entire movie, frankly. Amy Adams's hair was very distracting, and her diction felt like she was someone from another country trying to speak with an American accent. Very strange. I wish I could say that the movie inspired me to cook, but, alas, I still have no interest. My husband, however, seemed to find a spark, so I'm hoping that will continue.

The movie also got me thinking about blogs and how Julie's blog had so many followers. Sigh. Not that I feel like my blogging is worth a million hits, but very few blogs out there are great literature. So why do we choose to read certain blogs? Why do some get noticed and not others? The only blogs I read religiously are the ones belonging to a few of my close friends (about, say, their adoption process of a Korean baby or about moving to a new state and trying to adjust), Harry Potter ones (yes, that is dorky. I'll admit it. But HP helped me through some seriously rough patches, so I still keep him around as a sort of security blanket), and Go Fug Yourself (I think these girls are hysterical). So I'm going to throw a poll atcha that I did a loooong time ago (Did you know I've been blogging for over three years?). I'm hoping the stats have increased somewhat from the piddly 13 responses I received the last time I posted it back in 2006. If not, well, maybe I should be doing something more productive with my time?

How often do you check my blog?
Every day
two to three times a week
once a week
once a month
this is my first time
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skyebird said...

i like julia and julia (kinda) but all it did was make me hungry. I dont really know what attracts people to certain types of blogs, but i think that people like to watch reality shows because they like watching regular (ish) people go around their daily buissness-it's the nosiness in human nature

skyebird said...

...well, everyday now that i have gotten back into the swing of things (and my computer has stopped getting mad at me)