Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The End is Nigh

Oh, man, am I worried about the end of summer. Less than two weeks, and I'm back at work. No more sleeping in (ha! as if), no more daytime snuggles with Romy, no more time to write my new novel. So I've been trying to squeeze every lat bit out of the day by waking up extra early to write. I kind of like it, since I'm the only one awake and I can get into my creative zone. But Romy has decided that she would like to be in my creative zone. Which does not work when I'm trying to write a scene with two teens making out, and a baby is crying in the background. Nothing to ruin the sexy mood more than a baby crying. Remember that, kids, when you aren't being careful.

Time is running out. I think I'm only about half-way through my book, and I only have 12 days (if I use weekends, too) to finish it. Can it be done? Yes. Will it? Can't say. But all it's doing for the end of my vacation is making it the least relaxation situation possible. How did I let this happen? Do I even know how to be relaxed? If I weren't writing a book, wouldn't I be doing something else to stress myself out? Maybe that's just the way I am. No need to get uptight about it. Just don't blame me when you read my next book and the characters hear a baby crying, when there's no baby nearby.

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