Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I am now back at work and crying every day about missing Romy. I am also panicking a bit about when I am going to be able to type up the new book. Weekends? That could take many a weekend. And only during Romy's nap time, of course.

As for the blogging, I am going to experiment in the next week or so with a podcast. I figure, I have this severely long drive to and from work, so why not make the best of it? I ordered a digital voice recorder, so that I can attempt to podcast while I drive home. I also ordered a little lapel mic, so I will be hands-free and whatnot. The podcast will be about whatever I like, but I think I will have some featured segments. I have a feeling no one will listen to it, but it'll be like when I was a kid and my friends and I used to make tapes just for the hell of it. That was soooo fun. So maybe this will be, too.

Time to go to work. Sigh.

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skyebird said...

maybe take a break from writing? i dont know how you would feel about that... if someone suggested i take a break from riding id suggest that they get their heads examined