Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My First Podcast!!!

If this worked, I present to you my very first podcast. It's called "The Neverending Commute" and will be recorded most weekdays as I drive home from work (hence the title). In it, I spew about pop culture and heaps of random things, much like my blog. I am trying to figure out the nicest way to post it, and I am really hoping to figure out how to get it up on itunes so people can subscribe and put it on their iPods and whatnot (help?). If you listen, please drop me a line as a comment here or at my email It is long, I know, as is my commute. Perhaps some of you want to listen on your long commutes? Will anyone listen??? Curiouser and Curiouser. Here it is!!!


Leonard said...

Great podcast! Maybe Ari wasn't listening, but his dad was :) . I empathize with your long commute. Enjoyed your 10-song segments. How was the chicken? Look forward to the next 'cast. Love, Uncle Leonard

skyebird said...

i will listen to it if i ever figure out seems to hate me with a passion. in the meantime i will reccameand (?) it!