Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We're in the Basement Part II

I thought people would be more excited by my basement expose, but perhaps it's early.  I also thought people would be into my podcasts, but that was kind of a bust, too.  Still, I might get back into the podcast business one of these days.  Or maybe some vidcasts (um, what are those called?  Vlogs, right?).  Stay tuned for a poll at the end of this blog.

For the second shelf in my basement (I forgot to explain in the previous post that much of my basement is decorated with Ikea shelves, filled with toys of various levels of adorability and value.  That is what I am showcasing in these posts.  Mostly.), which lives to the right of my King of the Hill shelf, is the Random Shelf.  I suppose it would be better to arrive at the Random Shelf later in my expose (do you not love how I keep calling it an expose, especially because I have no idea how to type in an accent?  Even though I looked for a tutorial online, and it still didn't help?  Why do I sound more and more like an old person every time I blog?), but this is where it appears in my basement.  Behold:

Let us dissect.
Here you see a set of Dungeons and Dragons characters from the 80s cartoon, as well as a Wonder Woman Barbie doll (I was a huge fan of the WW television show when I was in preschool), some Aardman creatures, and a Xena doll (from Hercules, not from Xena).

Here we have the partner Hercules, a set of Planet of the Apes in Lego style, and Gonzo with Camilla the chicken.

Next to Gonzo is the news guy from the Muppets (name?), a Doozer from Fraggle Rock, and a hideous, yet coveted, Buffy doll.

Below it all is my complete series box set of Monkees episodes on VHS.  I purchased this when I got hired for my first real librarian job over ten years ago.  This was how I spent my money.  I don't regret a dime.

More basement action tomorrow!  And now for that poll:

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Ann Best said...

This is so colorful, and fun to read and scroll through. I don't think you wasted your money at all on the Monkees.

I love it when bloggers post such visuals. I like to see family pictures too. I like it best when I can place a blogger's name with a face - a human face. etc etc

Julie H said...

Thanks, Ann! There should be more pictures tomorrow. Thanks for visiting!

Natalie Whipple said...

I...I...the awesome is so high I can't take it. Melting.

The first shelf was cool, but this one? Wow. I'm so very happy right now. I can't wait to see the rest!

A fan said...

I love this! Makes me feel sane because I have various toys, etc. saved from years past, some not valuable but near and dear to my heart. Whew, at least I know someone else out there does the same!!

Julie H said...

I love that people are appreciating the awesomeness of the shelves. Right on!