Friday, June 25, 2010

Why Do These Exist?

I am a coupon user (even as a kid, I made my mom buy one of those coupon organizers), so I love going through the Sunday paper's coupon sections.  But it's almost not worth it when my eyes are assaulted by THESE:

The picture in the ad is even worse (this picture is from their website), where the shoe is actually on a human foot.  You'd think the model in the picture would be wearing pantyhose under these monstrosities, but lucky for her it's summer.  Not that that would stop someone who would choose these shoes.  Why are they so awful?  I don't know.  The faux denim, the wood-like heel, the fact that their name is "Classique"- it's all so disturbing.  But you can get two pairs for only $24.99.  That's under $12.50 a pair!  Shiver.

In actual news, I went to a different town's library yesterday afternoon to try and write novel #4.  I sat in one of their private study rooms.  While these rooms are good for being completely non-distracting (I used the study rooms at my own public library in the past, and they are all the same: one door, four very plain walls, no windows), they are also very depressing.  Handy when you're writing a book about depression?  Perhaps.  But when I'm blinded by the sunlight when I leave the library, I don't know if that's such a good thing.  Maybe I'd feel better about it if I had a new pair of shoes.  Blue Denim anyone?


Brian James said...

I'm with you here, I don't get it. Just like I don't get thongs sold in kids sizes, grown-men wearing shorts in a public setting, and the socks with flip-flops phenomenon.

Julie H said...

My husband will not wear shorts unless we are on vacation. And don't get me started on thongs. Or socks and sandals. You're giving me a stomachache!