Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tiny MeRL

I must start with this old lady question: how the heck do I make a tiny URL?  I feel like I miss all of these revolutionary computer things, and it makes me feel old.  Well, I am half way to seventy.  That's what I thought my friend meant when she turned thirty-five and she said she was "half-way."  She probably meant half-way to forty, but that's how my mind works.

I heard back from the librarian who posted the scoop on the public library that tossed GET WELL SOON in the trash.  Now I know the actual library name.  I emailed the American Library Association's Office for Intellectual freedom, in hopes that they would help me pursue some sort of action on the book dumpage.  I haven't heard back.  Is it because it's summer and no one's in the office?  Is it because the ALA conference is later this week [and I won't be there :( ], so they are busy?  Is it because I am but a meager non-best-seller of an author, unworthy of the attention?  Can you tell I'm feeling a bit insecure today?  The real question is: should I call instead of email?  And when?  Here is a delightful poll for you to enjoy.  And answer.

What should I do about this public library throwing my book in the trash?
Wait ___ days, then call the Office for Intellectual Freedom.
Find the library, and throw a cryptic note in their drop box.
Contact the library's YA librarian, and try to get her to raise hell.
Weep in my bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats (with the Toy Story 3 prizes).
Visit the library with a group of rabble rousers with giant protesting signs.
Call the local news network (and tell them what???).
Other (please elaborate in the comments).

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Emily said...

You can use any number of tiny url websites. Tinyurl.com or bit.ly. are among the most popular and you can visit them, paste in your long URL and it automatically shortens it for you. You can specify if you want it to be a custom URL like tinyurl.com/awesomesite.

Stay strong with this challenge; you have librarian support!

celi.a said...

The Tiny URL question is easy:
1. Copy your long URL
2. Go to http://tinyurl.com
3. Paste your long URL into the 'Make a Tiny URL' box and press enter
4. Copy the result (now a Tiny URL), and make sure that it indeed leads to the appropriate page
5. Enjoy your Tiny URL!

You will see that there are options to customize the Tiny URL. Some custom addresses are available, others are not. Good luck!

Gary said...

I'll betcha they're busy with the upcoming convention and having a hard time keeping up with things that are not directly convention-related.

They will help you, but you just got on the expressway at rush hour.

PS. The word verification to post this was "squlap." Do they use real words for that?

A fan said...

I say contact the local news. What to tell them.....the whole story, from the challenge to ONE person removing a book from a library and throwing it away. How dare this woman!! Shouldn't she be charged with a crime? Isn't that stealing? I was shocked when you posted about your book being challenged and now this. This is something out of the dark ages and I believe the public should know what's going on. It's a great story for the public. People in that community have a right to know. Let that woman know she does not speak for the community.

Julie H said...

Thanks, Emily and eli.a for your help with tiny URLs! Now if only you can explain RSS feeds (please don't)... Gary, my new plan is to call the Office next week after ALA is over. Then we can begin this squlap. And Fan, I am going to wait to see what the Office of Intellectual Freedom says, and then I'll know more of where to go with this. Right now, it feels too self-promotiony to call the news on myself!