Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We're in the Basement Part I

You are supposed to sing the title of this post, a la the B-52's "Legal Tender." 

I have always wanted to do a series on my weird collections and items in my basement, and now is the time.  Where to begin?  I think I shall start in order of what you see first when you walk down the stairs (please ignore the cat poo on the floor.  Tobin loves to leave random poos in the basement.):
It's the King of the Hill shelf!  The guys used to hold their beers in their hands, but Romy discovered the shelf (we always carry her if we take her into the basement due to those poos I mentioned previously, so she has a perfect view of the gang).  You may also notice Bobby is missing.  Romy took him with her in the car yesterday.  Matt was traumatized when she dropped him and chipped a little of his hair.  The Hill gang also shares the shelf with a Wizard of Oz Pez set.  Just because we have no room on any other shelves, and this gang was the most accommodating.  The Pez will soon be relocated.

I must now share this other picture of a member of the Hill gang, patriarch Hank:
This pictures is soooooo funny.  Romy has in one hand a, ahem, pad, and the toilet paper roll in the other.  And poor, ol' Hank is trapped on the toilet.  I imagine him crying, "I don't want this!"

Look for more on my basement tomorrow!


Natalie Whipple said...

Hehe, yes, Hank would be horrified! Also, I'm very jealous of that Wizard of Oz Pez set! I have a very special place in my heart for Pez.

Julie H said...

That Pez set was from Target! It claims to be a limited edition, but at Target?

Brian James said...

Nice. At least I'm not the only one with a huge toy collection in the basement. Of course, that's only because every surface in the upstairs part of the house filled with figurines too. A child in my house is a very dangerous prospect akin to putting a cat on fishing vessel.

Julie H said...

Oooh, Brian, when will your house crap feature appear?

Brian James said...

It would monopolize my blog for a year :)

T-Bomb said...

Ah, the memories. Nice set up. You can really enjoy each and every piece. Sweet collection.