Thursday, June 24, 2010

Going Nowhere

This post sounds more ominous than it should, but it's a bit how I'm feeling right now.  Pretty much every summer of my life, I have been on or planned one trip or more.  This year?  Zero. This has to do with the fact that I am staying home from work for a year, and we should be trying to save money.  To which I say: blah.  That's what our money is for!  And reading blogs and tweets all about people going to ALA in DC this weekend has made me ultra jealous.  So much so that I was frantically looking for hypothetical plane tickets to DC just a few moments ago.  And why not?  I even have relatives there I could visit and of course tons of librarian friends to see.  But will they even know I'm there if I plan it so late?  Not that I'm really going.  Matt is not a spontaneous person, particularly when it comes to travel.  But I bet Romy would be down.  She loves a good visit to somewhere.  If she could just talk well-enough to convince her daddy...

In non-related news, check out the comment on my blog post, Duh, from my actual copy-editor!  The post was about how I must look like an idiot to the copy-editor, since I had so many mistakes on my newest (and all others, really) novel.  She tells me differently.  And she really did like the book!  Which is great to hear, since she is the only person who has read it besides my editor.  Maybe my agent read it.  But if she did, she didn't say anything.  Man, I'm feeling pathetic today.  See you in DC?


craftysunday said...

It would be nice to see you! Totally understandable, though.


Julie H said...

Yeah, I don't think we're going. But I hope you have a wonderful time!