Monday, August 30, 2010

The Truth

I'm sorry, people, but I apparently lied to you when I gave you that fancy fact about August and the five Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays.  My friend, the same one who told me that in the first place, said she found out there will indeed be another August just like this one in the year 2012.  Why would someone make up something like that?  To see if tools like me (and, ahem, you) believed it?  Because lying is fun?  Or was there a genuine hope that a silly little fact like that would spread over the internet instead of Glenn Beck and his hateful minions.  God, I hate morons.  Anyway, I apologize for the non-truth, but I'm glad it made some people happy while we believed it.

Some randomness for Monday:
  • Did the True Blood people not look hot at the Emmy's?  I mean, duh to Eric, but did you also see Jason, Tara, Sam, and Lafayette?  (Yeah, I have no idea what their real names are, and I prefer to think of them all as actual residents of Bon Temps.)
  • I garnered a mention in this year's ALA list of Books Challenged or Banned in 2009-2010.  Sadly, the list was made before GET WELL SOON went to trial, and then went on to be appealed, and also before GWS was reported dumped from a library collection.  You will find my name under the Sonya Sones heading.  Hopefully, I'll have my own listing next year.
  • While I was backing out from a parking space yesterday, and during the moment when I thought, "You know, I usually turn around both directions when I'm backing out, but I'm just not going to today!" I hit a car.  But they just drove off.  It was totally weird.  There is a little paint damage to my car, but that's it.  Still, I hit them.  Or did they hit me? 
  • I have passed 250 pages in the GET WELL SOON sequel.  Still have a ways to go.  The end is in sight!  I am going to visit a high school or two for some research.  Should be nice and awkward. 


Brian James said...

Congrats on the progress. I'm finishing up the last edits on my book and know how rewarding that stage is.

I hate you're friend now, I was so intrigued about that August thing and now I realize I wasted several hours of my life this weekend thinking about the cosmic consequences. :)

Julie H said...

Last edits are awesome! Although I'm always a little sick of my book by that point, having been so deep into it and read it a billion times already.

Anger management about the calendar mix-up, Brian! What would Axl say?

Brian James said...

I'm always sick of it by this point too.

This is what Axl would say:

Julie H said...

Of course, I knew what Axl clip was coming.