Thursday, August 19, 2010

Better Day

Sorry about the bitch fest yesterday.  I mean, I'm not sorry about the sentiment, but you probably didn't need the negativity.  The insurance thing is still in limbo, and I woke Matt up this morning screaming at him to call the insurance company because I call every day and it's his therapist they're waiting on.  He was not happy.  But he called, and I felt a little better.  Not that we got any answers.  Stay tuned.

Speaking of staying tuned, I talked with Jen Gwartz, the producer who is working on getting INTO THE WILD NERD YONDER hopefully made into a TV show.  She is awesome!!!  She was an executive producer on Veronica Mars, and at one point worked on Tales from the Crypt!!!  It sounds like my book is in great hands, so all we can do is hope and pray that in the next six to nine months (that's how long she said the pitch to possible pilot would take) it happens.  To quote Axl Rose: Yowza!

Romy and I went this morning for the third time this summer to the Lake County Discovery Museum, a small town museum that somehow got this incredible exhibit of original art from the Little Golden Books.  Not only do they have such goodies as these:

But they also have fun hands-on stuff for the little ones:

Sadly, the exhibit ends this weekend.  After that they're installing a John Lennon Bed-In exhibit that I don't think will have quite the hands-on, kid-friendly quality this one did.  Maybe some jumping on the bed stuff?  Pull Yoko's hair?  The possibilities...


Brian James said...

That looks like a great exhibit...good luck with the show possibility.

I can't tell you how much I love the fact that you quoted of my personal heroes.

Julie H said...

Axl one of your personal heroes? I repeat: Yowza!