Sunday, August 15, 2010

No Time, No Time at All

The title of this post, of course, referencing a Monkees song.

I had a big, long, blabbery post about how I haven't blogged much this past week because Romy was sick and not sleeping, and I had no time to do anything.  But it was boring.  Luckily, I didn't have any time to post it.

Instead, how about a poll?  Matt and I will be attending the Chicago Comic-Con next weekend, a far smaller and less grand affair than the San Diego Comic-Con, but a fine local event.  In fact, the San Diego one has become so annoyingly Hollywood (and I can say that because I have been there three times, and the first year I went, for my honeymoon seven years ago, statistically [they share their statistics in the Comic-Con newsletter]had one-half the attendance that the Con has had these last few star-studded years), that I am kind of exited to go to the sort of C-list Chicago Con.  Especially because I will have the opportunity to rub elbows with(or, at least, stand on my tippy-toes to try and catch a glimpse of) the following stars:
  • Micky Dolenz of The Monkees!!!!!!!!
  • Nicholas Brendon, Xander from Buffy!!!
  • James Marsters, Spike from Buffy!!!
Along with (but not multiple exclamation points-worthy):
  • Christopher Knight, ie. Peter Brady!
  • Peter S. Beagle, author of The Last Unicorn!
  • Lorenzo Lamas (Does he get an exclamation point?)
  • Adam West 
*********Ian Ziering!!!!!!!!!!!!*************

Why is an ex-90210 alum more exciting than Buffy guys?  I'm not quite sure.  I think I like the fictional characters of Spike and Xander too much to meet the real dudes who played them (to perfection, of course).  But Ian Ziering, I'm almost certain, IS Steve Sanders-- the lovable lug who can do nothing right but still has a heart of gold.  Had?  He's still around if you ask me.  But here's the rub: you have to PAY for autographs.  What gives?  At San Diego, the only people who asked for dough for a signature were Lou Ferrigno (because this is what he does for a living now, unless he's appearing in hilarious movies like, "I Love You, Man."  Wait-- why does he need all that autograph money?) and George Romero (and he got screwed out of all Living Dead royalties, so he's forgiven).  Check out the pricing:
  • Nicholas Brendon - $30
  • The Iron Sheik- $20
  • Christopher Knight - $20
  • Lorenzo Lamas - $20
  • James Marsters - $40
  • John Schneider - $25
  • Ian Ziering - $20/$25
Like how I included The Iron Sheik?  Not all of the stars' prices are listed on the website.  So what should I do?  Who is worthy of my hard earned money?  Let's do a poll!

Who is worthy of my dough? (choose as many as you like, and feel free to explain in my comments)
Ian Ziering
Nicholas Brendon
James Marsters
Mickey Dolenz (but at what cost?)
Other (tell me who!)
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Brian James said...

besides Dolens, you have to meet Beagle and the Sheik.

I never cared too much for Steve Sanders. Him and Andrea dragged the show down.

Julie H said...

This is going to cost a crapload!

When was the last time you watched 90210? Steve really has grown on me as an adult.

Brian James said...

I must confess to not having watched it in a few years, but I can't imagine Steve would have grown on me. Though, I will give you that he has his moments...unlike Andrea who is just a waste of character.

Julie H said...

You really have it in for ol' Andrea, eh Brian? (And by ol', I mean OLD.)

Brian James said...

Oh god, I hate her. And come on, we're supposed to believe that Brandon (aka super guy) has feelings for her every now and then? Not to mention for the first few seasons, I kept thinking she was a teacher.