Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sometimes I Rhyme Slow, Sometimes I Rhyme Quick

Each day of writing is different.  Some days I pound out ten pages, no problem, and I love every minute of it.  Some days I slog through four pages, unimpressed with myself.  Some days I laugh out loud at what I wrote, and some days I cry because it's so sad.  Today's writing was uninspired and uninspiring.  I don't know if the content was that bad (and I won't know until I actually go in and type the whole book up.  I never look back, except to find details that I need to remember), but it wasn't all that exciting to write.  Not much happened.  But I think, at least for my books, pages where not a whole lot happens are important.  I'm not writing action books or mysteries.  I'm not writing books with intricate plots twists that make people go, "Aha!"  I write contemporary, humorous fiction, and I think it's important that I make it as real as possible for the readers.  Like how movies and books so rarely show characters going to the bathroom-- I show my characters going to the bathroom.  Today wasn't a bathroom scene, but a high school scene.  And the students were getting an assignment.  In life, that's not very exciting, so in the book, it's also not that exciting.  Should I not include it because it's not full of brooding romance or huge yuks?  I'll be the judge of that in a month of so when it's time to read it during the typing phase.  For now, it's staying in.  And my character has some homework to do.

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