Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I'm Watching Now

I don't know if people dig these posts or not, but I like talking about TV so I'm going to keep posting them.  Here's my current TV line-up (which isn't in any order, since I DVR everything anyway because I once read an article or heard someone say that if you record your TV programs when you have kids, that saves you approximately fifteen minutes per hour-long show to read to your child.  Who can argue with that?):

Spoiler alert if you only watch when the DVDs come out!
True Blood - I'm really liking this season, even though it doesn't seem to have much of a story arc.  I guess the arc is that there is this really old, but not as old as the super awesome Godric (RIP.  Although I guess he was already dead, being a vampire.  RIPA.), vampire who is trying to change up the order of things on Earth.  And Eric either has to kill him to get his sexy Scandinavian revenge, or else perish himself.  Oh, and Sookie is a fairy. La de da.  But who really cares about Sookie?

The Guild - Damn this web show is funny.  I love it SO MUCH.  The first three seasons are out on DVD and streaming at Netflix, and Season Four airs every week at  I laugh out loud every time I watch, and I watch them more than once.  If INTO THE WILD NERD YONDER becomes a TV show, I need The Guild peeps to guest star.  Not that I will have any say in that whatsoever.

Flipping Out - Why is Jeff Lewis so into bodily functions this season?  I actually prefer him making over other peoples houses to buying , re-designing, and then flipping his own houses.

The Rachel Zoe Project - This season is already really good, except that Rachel Zoe is out of her mind about everything.  Like, you need to calm down.  No one will die without that dress!!!  I like the tension between her and her husband, and how her husband is pretending to be masculine by watching football and drinking beer, but he still has that haircut.

Project Runway - Finally a good season!  Not that I'm a huge fan of anyone yet, but it just seems more interesting.  Who knows why some seasons are better than others?  (I'm sure everyone who watches knows, I just don't feel like analyzing Project Runway.  Romy and I walked all over a little downtown area because she wanted to go back and forth between the "witch store" and the "alien store," which is why I'm feeling rather pooped and probably means she will wake up from her nap screaming at any minute.  Hence, the lethargic blog post.)

On the Road with Austin and Santino - This show is adorable, taking two of the biggest characters from PR and giving them a makeover-the-hillbillies show.  My only complaint is that it should be an hour long, so we can connect more with the hillbillies.

Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town - I am a HUGE Kids fan.  Like, I have their original HBO special memorized.  I have seen them live.  I have missed them dearly, and this show is like a crazy talented old friend coming in for a visit after moving to Australia.  Or Canada.  So far I've seen two episodes, and I can't wait to watch them again and again.  Sadly, I think this is only a six part mini-series.  Brilliant.

Anybody else watching these shows?


Erica said...

Jeff. Lewis.

YES! I just called Time Warner to see about installation @ my new digs (though I had boasted about not watching TV at all these days) because I don't particularly want to live in a world without Jeff. or his rants. I kept repeating to the Time Warner guy, "and then I'll have Bravo? right?" I'll watch whatever they put on including Top Chef & Rachael Zoe... haven't watched Project Runway since it changed to (gasp!) Lifetime but would be willing to give it another chance... especially since I'll have cable ya know... just for Bravo!

Amy H said...

OMG! I just finished watching season 2 of true blood (i know I'm behind the times), and it was amazing! of course my fave episode was where godric turns eric, yowza! haven't seen the rest of the shows, but I always love your commentary:)

Julie H said...

Erica, it's hard to be the person who wants to be the person who doesn't watch TV AND the person who really wants to. Embrace the couch potato!

Amy, it's tough how HBO makes you wait a whole year for the show to come out on DVD, isn't it? This is a great Eric season, for sure.

Brian James said...

I love Project Runway and agree that this season has been entertaining...though I agree, no one is really standing out.

Austin and Santino are the best TV pairing in the last 20 years.

fashionable librarian said...

I keep forgetting to look for Austin and Santino! They were two of my favorites from Project Runway. I also die every time people talk about True Blood and I remember I don't get HBO. I am addicted to it. Did you happen to see the cover of Rolling Stone this month? Very nice (if you don't mind blood).

Julie H said...

Brian- I love that you think Austin and Santino are that fab. And fashionable librarian-- I saw the RS cover, but only in the eyes of my favorite blog, go fug yourself. Have you read the article? Is it worth getting?