Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I just realized that this is my 486th blog post. The funny thing is that some of my first blog posts were about my experience being filmed for Antiques Roadshow, and apparently that very episode aired in the last couple of days (reruns). Several people commented to me on Facebook that they saw me, and I had a lovely vase.  Sorry to disappoint, but that vase was my aunt's (uncle's, actually), and it was a loaner so I would actually have something to bring to Roadshow.  It, and I, were just what they were looking for, and I made it on to the show.  The experience was insanely exciting, but sadly dimmed my enthusiasm for watching Roadshow ever since.  The point of my blathering (aren't all blogs just blather?) is that my 500th post is coming up within the next month (barring all things annoying that prevent me from blogging, like sickness, cookies, and cat puke).  How should I celebrate?  With a blog retrospective?  (And what the frig would that look like?)  A contest (for what?)?  A redesign (please say no)?  Another Brian Austin Green dance clip?  What, I ask you, what?

What Should I Do for My 500th Post?
BAG Dance Clip
Other (explain)
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