Thursday, July 14, 2011


Sorry for the absence.  Due to a crazy storm that raged through Northern Illinois on Monday morning (that had me running to wake up my husband and daughter, yelling, "We need to get in the basement!"), I was out of power for a couple days.  The family stayed with my mom (Thanks, Ma!), which was nice but rough.  There's no place like home.  Especially when you're sharing a bed with a two and a half year old.

Today I'm blogging about some of the stacks of things in my life right now.  The first stack is of Toby and the Snowflakes, my first published book, written by me and illustrated by my husband.  It is out of print, which we learned about a year ago.  Because of that, we were allowed to purchase some at a ridiculously low price.  So we did.  I blogged about that a long time ago.  Recently we received another letter saying that since it's out of print, we are entitled to free copies!  Lots!  This is the first batch.  I'm going to keep the stack where it is until all of the books arrive.  I'll keep you posted as it grows.

The next stack is of some of the books I have ready to read, many of them from ALA.  There are other books floating around the house, too.  The book on top, though, will be my first priority when I finish the one I'm currently reading (James Klise's Love Drugged, which is fabulous).  It's the new Louise Rennison!  The Georgia Nicholsen books are by far my favorite humor series, so I can't wait to read this one, Withering Tights (already funny!).

This stack is the scary stack.  That's my manuscript for Get Well Soon II (still without a good title).  Underneath is the notebook I use to write extra scenes or scenes that need a lot of changing.  Otherwise I write on the back of the printed pages.
Here is the view from the side.  I'm over halfway through, so I'm not nearly as daunted.  Totally doable!  Except that my editor wants me to add en entire new scene at the end.  So a lot of work just when I think I'm finished.

My last stack is of the brand new collection of greenroom notebooks I found at Target.  These are my favorite notebooks to write my novels in, and I'm thrilled they had some in stock.  These are particularly cute, so I bought two of each.  What novel will fill their innards one day?

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