Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Wiz

I just completely scared myself with the title of this post. That movie is terrifying! When those things in the subway chase Michael Jackson and Diana Ross? Nightmare material. Nipsey Russell as the tinman isn't without his scare factor either. Anywho, this post has nothing to do with The Wiz (although now I'm thinking I could write an entire post about that movie). It is all about Wizard World, the comic book convention that comes to Chicago (burbs) every year. By no means is it San Diego Comic-Con in size, number of vendors, variety of panels, or quality of stars, but it is still a totally fun event. For me at least. Last year Matt and I went after not having been for quite a few years (San Diego Comic-Con can make you jaded), and Matt thought the whole thing was depressing.  What could possibly be depressing about this:

Yes, I will be milking that photo until I die. This year proves to be just as fun, if not outstanding, due to the nature of the guest list. It was just announced yesterday that Aaron Goodwin of Ghost Adventures will be there! You know how crazy I am about that show (or you should if you read my blog or any of my desperate attempts at a reply on Twitter)!  That should be a grand meeting, and I plan on wearing my Big Steppin shirt for the occasion.  Felicia Day, of Buffy and The Guild fame, will be there, and I am dying to meet her. The only poop I have about that one is that I sent her a copy of Into the Wild Nerd Yonder because I thought she'd really like it, being a gamer and all, and of course I never heard anything from her. Should I have? Is it asking too much?  But the dork de resistance comes when I finally get to meet - 25 years in the making!- Noah Hathaway. Atreyu from the Neverending Story!!! I have a whole hilarious plan that involves him saying something to me on camera, but I don't know if we'll even get that far. Several years ago he was supposed to be at Wizard World, and he canceled. It was tragic. He better not disappoint me this year. At least I have some backup excitement. But, still, I think that could be the highlight of the show. And you will be hearing more about this, since it's over two weeks ago. Two glorious weeks of sleepless nights as I fantasize about my glory moments with the stars.

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