Monday, July 04, 2011

Surprise Fourth

Oh, what will today bring?  I slept for naught last night, thanks to a combination of homemade chocolate ice cream, my daughter running a fever right before bedtime, and some jagoff down the street lighting off REALLY LOUD fireworks at the most annoyingly sporadic intervals well into the wee hours of the morning.  I envisioned myself running outside in my pajamas and shouting, "Hey you!  Yeah, the trash who's setting off fireworks while people with kids are trying to get some sleep!  Shut your corn hole!"  And then some hillbillies in overalls with missing teeth would come out of the bushes and shoot me.  Or something like that.  Ug.  Today could be rough.  I have no idea how sick Romy is or what she has, so I have no idea what she'll be like.  We had a morning babysitter lined up so I could exercise and work on my book (not at the same time) guiltlessly, but I don't think that's going to happen.  How's that going, you ask?  Oh, you mean my revision to the Get Well Soon sequel?  Not bad.  I really have only managed to get an hour of work done on an every other day basis.  It's getting more and more complicated because I shifted a plotline to earlier in the story, so now I have to find all of the places where I dealt with that story later in the book and hope to bring them up sooner.  I think it would go much more smoothly if I worked on the book more regularly.  At the rate I'm going, I tend to forget where I've been.  I'm happy I wrote such a solid first draft (not really the first draft, but the first official one I sent to my editor) because it means that I'm not having to work nearly as hard on this revision.  If only I had the time to do it.  I'm thinking that my next book won't be as hard to write, if I can get my daughter into preschool.  At least then I'll have prescribed writing times.  But now, fitting in an hour whenever Matt is done with work or I can get my mom to come over, is stressing me out.  Enough that if that neighbor of mine starts his little random late night firework spectacular again, I may be the one outside with overalls.  Although, I don't believe in guns, so it would be me and a pirate sword.  A Styrofoam one.  Wish me luck.  Happy Fourth!

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