Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Our Favorite Book from ALA

We collected many great books from ALA in New Orleans this year, some YA and some picture books, many award winners.  A lot of them were already my daughter's favorites, and the fun part came in her getting to meet authors and illustrators we had talked about for months.  However, you may be surprised to read that the favorite book, meaning the most read since we returned from New Orleans (not necessarily the best. We did amass quite a few Caldecott winners, after all), was not a book purchased at the ALA conference.  Instead, it's a little paperback Matt found at the Louisiana Children's Museum.  Behold:
Yes!  That's Mr. McFeely!
He has lots of packages to deliver.  Can you guess what they are?
Hmmmm.  And that's my cat's tail on his face.
Bye bye!  Speedy Delivery!
And I do a mean Mr. McFeely voice.  (Not that I sound like a mean Mr. McFeely, just that I do it well.  You knew what I meant.)


Anonymous said...

Haha looks like a great book. Need to get it for my nephew... lol


Julie H said...

Looks like it's hard to get! You'll just have to go to New Orleans to pick one up :)