Saturday, July 16, 2011

Princess Dreams

I had the weirdest dream last night.  For some reason I was reliving the wedding of Kate and Wills, meaning I was actually getting married in the same manner they were.  I don't know if it was a contest I won, and they were both there, but the big piece of it was that I was wearing Kate's dress.  I recall thinking, my god, I must be so skinny if I can fit into this dress!  After the wedding (which was to my actual husband), there was a party.  I wanted Pippa to help me put on my makeup because in the dream she had really dramatic, colorful eye makeup, not just that awful black eyeliner she wears in real life.  And I couldn't find anything to wear except a hideous green v-neck sweater.

The dream was more interesting when I was in it.

I think the dream stemmed from this article about Kate's weight loss.  In it, there is a semi-funny piece about how she makes Nicole Kidman look heavy.  Lord.  I guess that's funny because I'm sick of being a normal person who has felt fat for looking normal next to the twigs of Hollywood, and here is a princess who makes the Hollywood skinnies look lumpy.  Maybe none of it is funny.  I would like it more if Kate were huge and everyone still wanted to be her.  Wouldn't that be refreshing?

What am I talking about?  I don't think I slept enough last night.


Megan said...

One thing to consider: both of the celebs they posted her with either are or recently have been pregnant.

Brian James said...

Aren't dreams the best.

The one thing that disturbs that you would know enough details to relive it :)

I couldn't tell you a single thing about that wedding except for the little girl covering her ears on the balcony, which pretty much summed up my feelings about it.

My dream last night involved L.A., LSD, and creepy children...three staples of any good dream.

Julie H said...

Megan, I didn't think the actresses looked big. The reporter who wrote the article was saying all that stuff. And didn't Nicole Kidman us a surrogate? Brian, have you had any dreams yet about Carmageddon? Since you're dreaming about L.A. and all. Also, I think I knew the wedding mostly based on the fake dance edition someone made. Funny stuff.