Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Whining about Nerd Stuff

I know all of you have already seen the final Harry Potter movie.  My plan was to see it on opening day, get it over with.  I was, of course, very excited to see it, but there was also quite a bit of trepidation there.  I don't always enjoy a good cry.  I don't enjoy the anticipation of sadness, as some people do.  And I don't want to feel like crap when the movie's over.  Well, all of my babysitters were out of town when the movie premiered.  Now that they're back, I still haven't seen the movie.  I am even more hesitant than before.  Will all of the people in the theater already have seen it, so they are going to talk the entire time and text, which is SO DISTRACTING?  Will I feel like crap after it's over?  Or will I feel relief?  Is there any joy there?  Ironically, the final book came out two years ago while I was with my family at the San Diego Comic-Con, which opens again tonight in, duh, San Diego.  I have a fond memory of waiting to see George Romero interviewed by Max Brooks while I listened to HP7 on audiobook, and zombies dragged themselves past me.  Sigh.  More sadness.  I so wish I was at Comic-Con right now.  So many people I love are there, and, really, I'm a little down in my everyday life at the moment.  I could use an escape.  And some capes.  My new plan is to buy tickets to Comic-Con every year when they go on sale, just in case we decide we are going the following summer.  We could totally be there right now: seeing Buffy, meeting the Ghost Adventures guys (!!!), and buying a bunch of crap we absolutely need, like a limited edition My Little Pony.  I must think of something to combat this feeling of loss.  I'm guessing seeing HP7:2 might not help the matter.  What say you, folks who have already seen it?


Ronni said...


Go see the movie. It gives a nice sense of closure. I cried at some parts, but it wasn't a devastating OH MY GOD IT'S OVER I'M GOING TO DIE cry.

And people did not text/talk at all. Everyone was riveted.

Julie H said...

Ronni, I'm still scared! Wouldn't it be weird if I never ended up seeing it? Maybe that will be my crazy new plan.