Friday, July 22, 2011

Big L

So, I blogged yesterday saying you can follow me on Twitter and see my pictures of Comic-Cons past.  Not a SINGLE NEW FOLLOWER, people. Can you see the giant "L" sprouting from my forehead?

I finally saw Harry Potter 7.2 this morning. Really great.  I got something out of it that I hadn't recognized throughout the books or films before. Jo Rowling really believes in a mother's love. As a mother, and a relatively new one, hence not recognizing it earlier, I now get it. And, damn, if it didn't make me cry a whole bunch. I thought mothers and words really got their due in the movie. I loved the part with Dumbledore at the train station. I loved the dragon at Gringott's. I thought Hermione and Ron were cute, although their kiss was so far away I don't know why they made such a big deal about filming it. And what was that lame kiss between Harry and Ginny? Ginny's mom hair in the end was hilarious. Neville didn't quite sell the toughness for me. None of these things mattered, and I really loved the film. I thought Malfoy was great. The scenes between him and Harry really worked. Bravo! I'm blabbering. I bought Sno-Caps and Dots and didn't eat many of them at the theater. Then I came home and ate all of them.

Seriously- no new followers? Should I bother?


Michelle said...

Well, I am not on Twitter, so probably my comments are of little solace...but I have looked at your Comic-Con pix! The social networking world can obviously be fickle, fickle friend so please don't worry too much about it :)

Julie H said...

Hey Michelle, Thank you for the comment! I'm just being whiny these days. Don't know what I'm looking for, though.