Thursday, July 07, 2011

The Horror

This post has no relation to other recent post (really, Julie?  And all of your posts are usually so carefully planned!), but for some reason I have been thinking about horror movies that made me cry.  I know the reason: an Entertainment Weekly review of a new book about some of the good, old horror movies of the 70s.  You may or may not know that I was a film major in college, and my favorite genre was always horror.  And gore.  Sort of different, and some movies encompass both.  But, dang, I loved that stuff.  I was quite the little award winning horror movie maker in college.  It's hard to love it now as a mom in my thirties, but I still have a soft, mushy, bloody place in my heart for the genre.

Not that it really scared me, but I don't think that was the point.  Most of the movies either made me laugh or marvel at the stupidity, both excellent reasons for watching movies.  However, here is my (very short) list of horror movies that were so scary they made me cry.  And not as a kid.  Like, within the last fifteen years.

1.  Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The original, duh.  The end, where the girl makes it to the truck and she's hysterical? I have the exact reaction.  Leatherface put us through so much, will we ever really escape?

2.  Poltergeist - This movie is scary as shit.  A clown doll.  Need I say more?  Because I can: freaky little girl, creaky old stumpy woman, skeletons in the swimming pool, vortexes in the bedroom walls, trees attacking kids...  And it was all so real!  Plus, all of that horrible stuff happened to the cast and crew of all of the movies and their sequels.  Not right.

3.  28 Days Later - I cry at regular intervals throughout this movie.  Nothing scares me as much as fast moving zombies.  (Let's not have the are they zombies argument right now, thank you.)  I think the stress of this movie may someday give me a heart attack.

4.  The Blair Witch Project - No matter what you think of this movie now (and, you'd better think about it), seeing it on opening night before anyone knew that it was a work of fiction was one of the scariest experience of my life.  I THREW UP in the bathroom during the film.  Okay, it turned out I had mono, but still.  And after the movie, a fight broke out in the lobby because some woman brought a little kid to the theater, and a guy was screaming at her and I think a punch was thrown.  All in all, a warped event.  But the movie itself is pure genius.  Will anyone ever look at a basement corner the same way again?  And it also reminds us all how much camping sucks.

So, what movies scare the tears out of you?

PS Did I already blog about this?  Or have I just thought about blogging about it, so it all seems familiar?  Whatevs.


carey farrell said...

ok, so i'm not a horror fan at all, but i do have a soft spot for blair witch. i grew up just outside the town where blair witch was set, and the summer it came out was CRAZY. i was interning at a local tv station, and all anyone wanted to talk about on any show was the stupid blair witch, and tourists were actually coming to burkittsville to look for the witch (who didn't exist) in the woods (which also didn't exist). mostly, i think, people in my town were jealous that burkittsville was getting so much attention. :)

Jenny said...

After reading this I saw this and thought you might enjoy:

I am not much of a horror fan. The only movie I let myself watch and then got super scared from was the House on Haunted Hill (the version from the late 90s).

Julie H said...

Carey, did it creep you out living near there, or was it just annoying? And Jenny, that's the book! Or maybe you already knew that, and that's why you showed me the link. Thanks!

Michelle said...

I do not watch horror films- generally. I freak out. BUT. My husband and I watched Paranormal Activity...mistake. Beyond stressful for me.

carey farrell said...

it was mostly annoying--there were lots of other, better local ghost stories to get creeped out about, and with my dad being a history teacher at a haunted school, i got to freak out about those ghosts on a regular basis. :)

Rena said...

Okay, so it's not a horror movie per se, (more a harmless children's movie), but I saw ET when I was ten and bawled. Out of fear, not because he's adorable and then dies or whatever everyone else says. Sheer terror.

Julie H said...

Michelle, I was quite impressed with that movie and definitely want to see the sequel. I watched the first one while I was on the treadmill, and it made me run really fast! Carey, so are you a ghost hunter now? And Rena, my little sister, who was born in 1980, had a similar reaction when we went to see E.T. She would not stop crying! I don't know if she was scared or sad. She was probably too young to see that movie, now that I think about it. I haven't seen it since it was in theaters!