Friday, December 21, 2007

What Happened to My Piece of the Cake?

Today is wackadoo. The kids are so cranked up on sugar and crap. I love the library before vacations. Kids are always in here being funny. Today we have been doing Madlibs, and we had one that made me cry with laughter. Here is the sentence: Ms. Halpern asked if I wanted to sleep over and I said, “To the Love Sacs!” For those who don’t know, Love Sacs are super expensive, but life-long warranteed bean bags that we have in our library. It was funnier at the time…

The next funny thing that happened is that one of my assistants, a man who has very long hair, normally pony-tailed, took his hair down for the kids. They started freaking out about it, and one of them said, “You look like a monster!” So I said, “Do you really think that’s an OK thing to say to someone?” And then my assistant said back to the student (an eighth grader), “Should I have put a bowl around my head and cut it like you did?” I can’t stop laughing.

For the last laughy school story, I was playing Scattergories [where you have a list of things, like “occupation” or “something in the sea” and you roll a die with letters of the alphabet. A letter is chosen, and you have X amount of time to think of things that begin with those letters] with my students (for those of you who ask if I would leave my job as a librarian if I ever made enough money from books, you can see the reasons I wouldn’t want to) after school. The letter: C. The word choice: body part. The student’s answer: cock. He did warn me by saying that his answer was too inappropriate, but I had to ask him to read it anyway.

Bonus funny story:
A few years ago, I was playing Scattergories with my family. The letter: N. The word choice: Halloween costume. This just shows how bizarrely connected my sister and I are. Our answer [and when you have the same answer as someone else, you don’t get a point]: Nell Carter. We both put Nell Carter! Five years ago! Not even in her Gimme a Break prime! How is that possible? I still laugh when I think about it.

I don’t know how much I’ll be writing in the next week because of the holidays (and I don’t know how much you’ll be reading anyway), so Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate Christmas!

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