Saturday, December 22, 2007

Flight Cancelled

I was up at 4:45 today (although I didn't really need to get up until 6:00. I just couldn't sleep) to fly out of Milwaukee to go to Atlanta. The Chicago area has been covered in fog, if you didn't know, and this morning it was still thick as cream of tomato soup (so much tastier than pea). About twenty minutes into our drive to the airport (about a 50 minute drive from our house), I got a call from Delta on my cell phone (I don't remember giving them that number, but whatev) that the flight was delayed. No big deal, since I brought with mega supplies and sustenance just in case. When we got to the airport, I marveled non-stop at the ease and joy of the Milwaukee Airport (actually called General Mitchell, I believe). Parking was instant, under a cover, and literally led right into the airport. No miles away parking and dragging my suitcase though the crappy weather. Magical. The walk to our gate, even though it was the farthest gate, was still not super far (all of these comparisons are to O'Hare, btw, which I have never really had a problem with. I just can't stand the busyness and the extra, wasted time it takes to park, walk to gates, etc.). The terminal was nice and open, and it felt pleasant. And then our flight was canceled. I had heard that if your flight is canceled, instead of waiting in line, you should just call the airline directly from your cell phone (while Matt waited in line just in case). So I did that and at first was told by a not that nice woman (not that mean, either, but not up to my niceness standards) that they had already re-booked us onto a flight with TWO STOPS. Hell to the no! One stop is even too much for my uptight butt. I pride myself on my travel plans that make me as comfortable as I need to be. So I told her that wouldn't work for me (we might as well drive, if that were the case. I actually brought that up to Matt. He said no. Secretly I was kind of gearing up for an impromptu roadtrip). She connected me to a much nicer woman, and Matt and I decided to take a flight first thing tomorrow morning instead. Good thing, because the first leg of the many stop tour that that wanted to put us on was supposed to leave at noon (it's 12:45 now), and it's still way fogged out. Sad about the missed day of our trip, but I was happy to get such a nice, competent worker, as well as a flight where we have seats. AND! Then we had to get our suitcase back, and it only took them ten minutes!!! Can you imagine if we had to get it back at O'Hare? Again, nothing against my beloved O'Hare, but Gen. Mitchell was way better for my fragile travel needs.

Happy Winter Break!


Elizabeth said...

It sucks your flight was canceled. Hopefully you were able to make it the next day.

Julie H said...

We made it, thank you. I was really afraid we wouldn't, though, becasue it was SO windy. The tak off was a bit shakey, but then it was smooth sailing.

Kaleb - said...

Merry Christmas Julie!