Tuesday, December 18, 2007


A quick Secret Snowflake update: My secret snowflake failed to give me a clue yesterday, and today she (I already know who it is) came to the library when I was in a classroom and typed a cryptic clue on my computer to me. Meanwhile, my assistant is getting clues and candy every day. I wish!

Matt and I went to Kohl's today to take advantage of the 30% off coupon I got in the mail (I actually screamed when I got it. I never get the 30%). We probably wouldn't have gone to Kohl's at all without the coupon, but it was kind of like we were paying for the joy of the coupon, with some stuff to take home to boot. We didn't get anything extraordinary, although I did get a great deal on Harry Potter 2 Scene It. The best part was when we went up to pay, and the guy told us our total, and I said, "With this?" and showed him my 30% off card. Then he said, "Good job!" Even though I had absolutely nothing to do with how I got 30%, I still felt really happy. I love to be good at things.

I thought I would now share some of the funnier ornaments we have on our Christmas tree. Yes, I'm Jewish, but Matt's not, and our tree has only cartoon/weird ornaments on it so it's OK. A sampling(click on images for larger view):

We have a complete set of really nice Rudolph ornaments that Matt and I collected from the Aldi near our apartment when we lived in the city.

Fancy ornaments from the German Christmas Market.
Cowboy head, Pinocchio, and The Maestro!

Matt and Julie ornaments!

Xander and Giles!

The Abominable Snowman, King Kong style

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Kaleb - kalebnation.com said...

Ha! The Abominable Snowman looks funny. Be careful- 'Bombles Bounce.