Friday, December 28, 2007


I can't believe what an idiot I am. Every year for the past several years, Matt and I have given my in-laws our Amazon wishlists. This year was no exception, and I received many fun things off my Amazon list. And starting last year Matt and I started shipping our gifts home before we leave South Carolina so that we don't have to worry about carrying them. This year I was all in a panic while we were boxing things up to ship(something about not being able to check in online), and I forgot to look through my gifts to see if there was anything I would need right when I got home. Well, duh! My new Sims Teen Stuff and the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix computer game (not to mention two Harry Potter DVDs of which I would have time to watch all of the fancy extras) were shipped home instead of carried with me on the plane! And now I only have one week left of vacation (plus this weekend), and I don't have my new toys to play with! What was I thinking?! So now I keep checking the UPS tracking. The boxes are making great progress toward my house, and I'm hoping they'll make it here by tomorrow instead of the crappy January 2 estimated date. But what are the odds? They'll probably get held up in Springfield or something. I wanted to spend my vacation wasting time doing useless things! Cross your fingers for me, would ya?

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