Monday, December 31, 2007

Flowing Boogs

I tried a Neti Pot today. It was kind of scary. I have a cold (thanks to someone I shan't name from our family vacation who cooked a lot of food for us while she was sick. Grrr...), and every time I get a cold nowadays I get a sinus infection. I thought I'd try the pot to see if it will help prevent it. i hope it works.

So no exciting plans for New Year's, especially because I'm sick (but also because I'm kind of a lame homebody these days and I hate to drive on new year's because I'm afraid of drunk people). We're trying to decide what to have for dinner, and I know we'll buy some cupcakes or something. Festive!

UPS update: My packages arrived in Chicago on 12/29, but of course they are taking their sweet time to deliver them to us. We probably won't get it until the estimated date of 1/2, even though they're just an hour away! So sad.

Sorry I'm boring. The cold is making me logy. Happy new year, everyone!!!

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