Monday, December 17, 2007

Secret Snowflaker

At work these days we’re doing the whole secret Santa thing (although at my work we call it “secret snowflake,” which I appreciate. I kind of love it, kind of hate it. I like giving gifts, although I hate the pressure of being creative, thoughtful, and going a gift that someone actually likes. I also like but hate getting the gifts, because usually it’s just crap anyway. Not in a bad way, but is it really supposed to be something awesome? For between $10 and $20? We had to give “likes” to our secret snowflake organizer, and my three likes were: funny pads of paper, funny socks, and Sees candy. I don’t even love Sees candy, nor do I need any more food crap this time of year, but I really couldn’t think of anything. It will be interesting to see what I get on Friday. This is only a one day gift thing. I wish it were several gifts over several days. I did give my secret snowflake a small gift, a smencil, and a clue: I am a fan of Planet of the Apes. This was a good clue because there are two male teachers in the school who are into Apes, and I had my male assistant write out the clue. Sneaky. My final gift to my secret snowflake (who said her “likes” were several sports teams [no thank you], travel, and running) is a subscription to Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel Magazine. I get this magazine and love it, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. I made up a little sheet to give her that tells her the gift. Is this a lame secret snowflake gift or a good one? What would you want from your secret snowflake?


A Fan said...

Wow, I think it's a great gift. And what perfect timing. We're doing the Secret Santa also and out of everyone who signed up to join in, I got the one person I know the least about. Thank you Julie, a magazine subscription is the perfect answer!! And as for me, I'd love to get it!!

Great, great, great!! Bravo Julie for giving me an idea after a very frustrating week. Now, if I can figure out which magazine. :)

Julie H said...

I'm glad you like it! I thought of it when I was at a book store and one of the subscription cards fell out of the magazine. I'll let you know what she says when she gets it. It is hard to pick a magazine. Did you get a list of their likes?