Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Barf and Run

This morning I woke up at 5 to do the treadmill, and while I did I watched Air Guitar Nation (read my feelings about the awesomeness here). I don't know if it was the early time (although I do the treadmill in the morning semi frequently), that I'm completely out of shape (but, again, I exercise a few days a week at least), or the rockingness of the movie (the heavy metal gets me all pumped. Shut up.), but I got off the mill and had the barfs for almost a half hour. This was not a normal, flu-like barf, but the exact same barf stomach I used to get when I'd be forced to run in junior high and high school gym! I was definitely out of shape then, and running caused this severe stomach-ache that lasted about twenty minutes and kept me on and next to the toilet (TMI, I know). That's why I always hated running. But it hasn't happened in FOREVER, so why today? And why at all, in fact? What is the reason behind the severe pain and cramping? It was traumatic for sure. But then I was fine and went to work.

In other news, there are two new reviews of Get Well Soon up on MySpace. First one is from Book Chic, and the second from Book Slinger. Cool!

In final news, Project Runway is new tonight, and something dramatic is promised to happen. I hope no one dies, like on Workout. That was very sad. We can discuss tomorrow. Stephanie Nancy says goodnight.


Kaleb said...

You're feeling sick because of this scourge of cold weather! One day I will either hibernate during winter or chase the warm season by hopping countries to keep warm.

Julie H said...

Truthfully, I don't mind the cold weather. Gives me an excuse not to be outside all of the time. Plus, I like the change of clothes and jackets. I just hate driving in the snow.