Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Mouse in Da House

Thank you to all of you pollers out there. Fun! Although, did most of you answer positively so you wouldn't have to post a comment, as I said you did? I'll just pretend you love the title.

So we think there's a mouse in our house. We had one the first year we moved in, three years ago, which was a shock after coming from an apartment in the city that was infested with mice. The weird thing is, we have these shoe boxes on a high shelf in our front hall closet that we keep extra hats and gloves in. I just straightened them out a couple of weeks ago, and when I went in today to get a hat, all of these little crunchy things fell out. I freaked, thiking they were larvae, but Matt claims they are mouse poos. I thought they'd be rounder. It's so bizarre though because how did the mouse get all the way up there? And why did he have to leave so many poos? I can see why he'd like those boxes: warm and soft and hidey. Well, the traps go down tomorrow, in places Tobin can't get to. I wish they would just stay out of the house. I hate to kill them. But who wants mouse poos in their hats and gloves? Not me, that's who. Hmmm... This reminds me that I have several humorous mouse tales [Mouse Tales! That's my favorite book of all time by Arnold Lobel] that I should really share. I will do a short series of them this week. Let's hope this current story goes no further.

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