Friday, December 14, 2007

So Long, Stephanie Nancy

So this morning I looked at the grocery store tags for the gifts Matt and I bought, and I realized that we were supposed to bring in the toys yesterday (!). Thankfully when Matt brought them in, it wasn’t too late, so a couple of kids will get some cool toys from us this year. Sadly, though, I forgot to say goodbye to Stephanie Nancy in my haste leaving for work. Goodbye, Stephanie Nancy! Wherever you are! I hope your new mommy loves you as much as I did!

In other, more real worldly news, I have two exciting Get Well Soon things to report:

1. Get Well Soon has been nominated for a Cybils Award! Finalists are announced on January 1! What if?!

2. Get Well Soon was included in Kirkus Reviews special edition Best Young Adult Books of 2007! (sorry it’s a PDF download) W00t as they say!

Have a glorious, hopefully good-weathered weekend!


Kaleb - said...

great review!

Colleen said...

Congrats!!! Hopefully there will be more to come.