Friday, November 16, 2007

Sir Grumps-alot

Matt and I are getting ready to leave for New York, and we're bickering as usual before we travel. He's a lot more of a procrastinator, and I like to be prepared. There's a lot of last minute crap, and we keep snipping at each other. Annoying.

While I was getting ready today I watched a little That 70s Show. What's the deal? Why was that show on the air so long? Why did it have such a following? I'm curious to find those who LOVE the show and to hear why.

I am excited about meeting a bunch of authors whose work I love (Susan Beth Pfeffer, author of Life as We Knew It, in particular), but worried that I will have nothing to say but fan gibberish. It's like meeting movie stars or rock stars. And then I always ending up chatting with authors whose books are pretty popular, but I haven't read them myself, and I feel like I have to make something up. It will be book mayhem this weekend, I tell ya. If you're going to be at NCTE, please see the post below for Julie sightings. Blog ya later!

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