Saturday, November 24, 2007

Chicago Tribune Article and Review

In today's (Saturday, November 24) Chicago Tribune Books section, there is a review of Get Well Soon and a picture and little article about me. I think it kind of makes me sound like a weirdo, but you be the judge. I can't find the picture of me that was in the actual paper anywhere online, but it's pretty good. If it pops up, I'll try to post it. I can't help but wonder if this will encourage people to read (ie: buy) my book. This is such an interesting business. I was in Barnes and Noble- who never has my book (although I think my mom super-harassed the staff at this one)--and there were two copies of Get Well Soon. I put one in a very visible location. There were a bunch of teenage girls browsing the section, and I wanted to hand them my book. But that would've been psycho, right?

I only have twenty pages left to type in my next book! Soon I will be sending it on to my editor, biting my nails until she tells me what she thinks. I think I will use that short amount of time between sending and receiving the news to play lots of video games. I don't get enough video games in these days. Off to type...


annamlewis said...

Julie, fantastic article!
I can't wait to read all the press on your book!

BTW you would not be psycho if you talk to those YAs. I love to start conversations with YAs at bookstores... there goes my marketing background side!

Julie H said...

Hey Anna- Thanks! I just wonder if the teen would be like, "Um, what a freak. I will definitely NOT be reading her book."