Sunday, November 11, 2007

My Celebrity Look-Alike Theory

OK, so ever since the Cuba Gooding/Apollo Ono debacle, I have been feeling ugly and manly. But I have been thinking things through, and I have a theory that the reasons I matched up with a bunch of dudes are a) they smile naturally in photos, as do I, unlike skanky, posing starlets, and b) I don't wear make-up, like (most of) the dudes and unlike the starlets. Plus, the starlets usually have polished, straight hair. SO- I had my hair cut yesterday, and my stylist blew it dry (the only time I have straight hair cause I really like my curly hair). Today I put on a bunch of make-up (although not how I'd wear it if I would actually wear make-up; I just put on random stuff so I'd look made up today). I didn't have any real lipstick, only gloss, so my lips look messier and shiner than I'd hoped. Then I took a bunch of pictures, uploaded all of them to, and here are the striking results! Hold on to your seats, everyone!

Not bad! And a 75%!

Woot! Two Liv Tylers! And two 75%s!

That's a weird picture of me, but at least it's a woman.

This one's really funny. A mug shot! He is making a stupid face (which I was trying to do. That was my attempt at a modeling pose).

I have no idea who this is, but it's definitely complimentary.

Oddly, I had several child actors pop up from this picture. So youthful am I.

This one is so funny because he played a woman in a movie, and my mom was soooo in love with him as a teenager. Just know that my number two person from this picture was Nicole Kidman.

Sweet! Third one! And an 83%! We're practically twins at this point.

She's a hottie, right?

So there you go. I actually do feel a lot better now. Liv Tyler is awesome. I always did like her, and now I know why. I'm practically her doppleganger! (Although I think she's about a foot taller than me). Thank you for indulging me in my little experiment. Now I can wash this crap off my face.


Tracy said...

Hah hah! Funny. I like Liv too. What an amusing web site.

Nina said...

I have always suspected that you and Liv Tyler were separated at birth.