Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Little Birdie...

I'm watching the Peanuts Thanksgiving Special, and there's a super groovy birdie tune on right now. And it's really loud. Someone needs to turn the TV down. This Special has terrible voices for the Peanuts characters. Poor casting on this one.

So more about my trip to NYC, which now seems like a distant memory after spending a day at work. Before I forget, my hubby posted about the trip on his blog, so please check it.

I will now expose all of my insecurities (well, not all of them. That would take way too long). One of the major ones I had to deal with this weekend is how I don't ever really feel like a grown-up. Like, I think I probably talk too openly about things, which I don't really think is bad, but may freak people out. I really have no examples, and I actually don't have a problem with conversing with people in any way. I just sometimes wonder if they think I'm weird. But the bigger issue is when I have to do something adulty, like introducing people. I already have a fear of getting people's names wrong (which stems from having 475 students and not wanting them to feel bad if I call them the wrong name), so introducing people is an extension of that. Even if I know the people really well, I still think I'm going to do something wrong with an introduction. So if I'm ever introducing you (or not introducing you), now you know why.

The biggest excitement was meeting Susan Beth Pfeffer, who I talked about in a post below, and is an author whose book I love. We have been emailing for a couple of weeks, and she is so funny. I met her at the ALAN cocktail reception, and the only way I actually found her was when they announced all of the authors, her table wooood. [I am now reading the companion to Life as We Knew It, The Dead and the Gone. It if freaking the crap out of me.] The reception was not what I expected. I guess I thought I'd be chatting it up with a lot of authors I didn't know, but I really only talked to a few people I didn't know. I loved meeting my Feiwel and Friends mate, Katherine Applegate. For those who don't know, Katherine wrote the fantastic series, Animorphs. I was a huge fan in my twenties, so much that I reviewed the books in my zine. It was great fun meeting her. She was lovely and fun to talk to, and I am just about finished with her fabulous new book, Home of the Brave. The one person I really wanted to meet was Jaclyn Moriarty, an Australian author whose books are hilarious. I wussed out and waited too long, and by the time Jean Feiwel herself (yeah, my publisher is called Feiwel and Friends) had to take me around the room to find Jaclyn, she had already left. Dang.

I'll write part three now but in a separate post, just in case you like your posts broken into smaller pieces.

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