Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I am tired. Tired as a giant poo that is very tired. If this does not make sense, it is because I am tired. I came back from the New Teacher Retreat (where I was a facilitator) yesterday, and I don't know if it was the physical activity, the all day-ness of it, or the fact that I haven't done much of anything (in terms of going out and socializing) all summer. I hope it's not West Nile. I did get two mosquito bites (even WITH the deet spray. What's up with that?). Maybe I'll take a nap.

Soon, I shall begin the mega process of typing my novel. It's not nearly as stressful or creative as the actual writing process, but I can't seem to get started. Perhaps I am trying to hold onto the shred of summer vacation that is left before I go back next week. I emailed my editor and asked what would happen if my book ends up sucking. Was that a stupid thing to do? Should I just automatically be filled with confidence about my books? Most authors must wonder this, no?

Because of my end of summer stresses, I have taken to watching episodes of The Monkess. Eight years ago, when I got my first true librarian job, I bought myself The Monkees video box set (of course now I'd love the DVDs, but they're really expensive) as a reward. Since I was such a fan back in junior high, the show is incredibly familiar and comforting to me. So, blog readers, care to share what TV shows you use as comfort? (That means you should post comments. Cause most of my readers don't seem to like to do that. Sigh.)


Anonymous said...

I fell for your guilt trip and decided to comment- and this is an easy question to answer.
Gilmore Girls
Fraggle Rock
the miniseries The 10th Kingdom
Though, I have been hooked this summer on alll of the disney channel shows that are on after 12 pm.

LCF said...

This may seem egotistical, but I'm comforted by biographical-like films such as The Ninth Gate, The Exorcist, and The Devil's Advocate, to name a few. Ahhh. I think I'll get my special blanket and curl up on the sofa this evening and watch one.

S said...

The Office, because laughter is the best medicine.

Julie H said...

Colleen, I don't know how you choose from the millions of TV shows listed on your Amazon wishlist :)

lcf, Interesting. Um, biographical?

S, I love The Office! And recently I have become obsessed with Extras. Have you seen it? I watched the first two seasons and had to buy them so I can watch them over and over again. Hilarious!

A fan said...

Anything on Nickeloden. Or for that matter any show that requires NO brain activity.

anonymous said...

I know, I have been adding a lot to my wishlist lately- but it is the only way I can keep track of things I want (I am greedy). I just splurged though. Best Buy had both the Buffy and Angel series on sale for $17 and I bought them all! Ah ha ha ha ha. Now I just have to find the time to watch them.