Monday, August 27, 2007


I was back at work today full time. It's always so anxiety producing, going back to work after summer. The library is always in a state of mess, and I dread having to figure out where everything has gone off to. But it was a pretty good day, and I saw some nice people who reminded me that going to work every day isn't so bad. Although waking up when it's dark out...

Speaking of, I read there is a lunar eclipse happening tonight. I feel like I always miss out on eclipses. I remember as a child there was a solar eclipse, and I was so afraid that my eyes would burn out that I didn't even look. Loser. The only eclipse I remember seeing was during the day in college, and all of the shadows looked like moon slivers. Was that a partial solar eclipse? I hope that when I wake up this morning I remember to look. And hopefully it won't burn my eyes out or turn me into a lunatic or anything like that. Speaking of lunatics, in my mass of mail at work I received two DVDs of L. Ron Hubbard: An Introduction to Scientology. They were free and came with a hand written note from Tom Cruise (just kidding- it was actually from Kirstie Alley. Not.). I am strangely tempted to watch it. Can you imagine- an eclipse and Scientology in one night? The possibilities.

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Tracy said...

DON'T DO IT! Do NOT watch the DVD. I wanted to research Scientology in high school for a paper on religious cults and wanted to obtain qualitative data, possibly using observation as methodolgy. TO THIS DAY, my Mom STILL receives literature at her home addressed to me.

They won't let you go, Julie. I say shred that DVD, then burn it, then travel to Australia and spread the ashes in the ocean.

But if you do find yourself curled up on the sofa DVD in play, let me know what you learn. :)