Saturday, August 25, 2007


This week I have spent two long, hard days selling my aunt's purses on eBay. Every summer I usually have one eBay burst of selling, and usually it's for other people's goods. I think the reasons I usually sell other people's thing are a) I don't often buy things I don't need or use and, therefore, have to get rid of (those who know me may argue about the massive amount of shoes I have, but I would argue back that I still wear them all) and b) I don't own anything anyone else would buy. That's not entirely true, since I have sold some of my clothes (and have a pile ready for next summer's sale), but for the most part other people (mainly my aunt and my sister) have nicer stuff. I like the eBay thing because it's really fun to go online to see if people are watching or bidding on my items (my favorite part of the whole thing is the bidding frenzy that sometimes happens at the end). My least favorite part is putting the stuff up on the site. It takes so long! I would say I spent a total of eight hours putting up nine items! I had to take the pictures, write descriptions, figure out starting bids, etc., then upload and type everything in. That's one of the reasons I do it only during the summer. That, and we can't look at eBay at my job (it's blocked).

This time around I actually got scolded by eBay. One of the things I was putting up was an organizer in the style of Louis Vuitton. So I wrote in the description "Faux Vuitton," along with the actual brand name. Well, whoops, that's illegal. They sent me a message and deleted the item. I decided it wasn't worth putting it back up. Tres embarrassing. I don't like getting in trouble. I'll let you know how the auctions turn out.


Lisa said...

I had the same thing happen to me once selling on ebay. I listed these shoes as Issac Mizrahi but not from Target and they pulled them because of the whole "not Target" thing. Said I was keyword spamming. Made me so mad. I love to ebay. Can you post a link to your listings?

Julie H said...

I didn't understand the whole "keyword spamming" thing. So much lingo out there I don't get. And yours wasn't even like a fake item-- yours was more real than a Target Mizrahi! Real in the fancy sense.

I was thinking of posting a link, but I feel a little weird about it (I have my whole eBay name thing and address when I have to send out items). Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I'd rather be an anonymous eBayer. I hope that's OK...