Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Narwhals are Cool

There is nothing on TV these days. They need to have great shows on soon, to take away some of the pain of going back to work. Is that why TV shows are new in the fall? To help ease the evening lives of those of us who work in schools?

I'm watching a show about Narwhals. Very neat, with their horns and their "melons" (the puffy part of their head). When I was at the teacher retreat a couple weeks ago, we played a game where we had the name of an animal taped to our backs and then we had to walk around the room asking people questions about our animals until we guessed. I was an Orca, and I guessed pretty early on. I am a good question asker. There was one guy, though, who was a narwhal, which was pretty hard. I kept giving him crazy clues, like "You're the unicorn of the sea" and "You know that B-52's song 'Rock Lobster?' In the song, your animal goes like [weird narwhal sound from "Rock Lobster]." He never guessed. Ah well. The game was fun. I love stuff like that. Hence my summer obsession with Zoo Tycoon. Speaking of computer games, there's a new Sims2 expansion pack coming out next week. That should ease the beginning of the school year-- except all of the hours I spend playing the Sims should be spent typing in my novel. I'm not very far- just 15 pages in. I'm a little worried about when I'll have the time to type. Especially with my carpal tunnel, I can only type for about an hour at a time. It has been suggested that I hire someone to type it, but I edit as I go, and I have weird parts where I have to switch stuff around. I guess I'll just keep chipping away. Chippy.


Stephanie said...

I came across this site on another author's blog that I read. It might help you get exposure.

Julie H said...

Oy! This looks more confusing than MySpace. This is when I really feel old. Thanks, Stephanie. I will persevere and figure it out (or ask one of my students).

JJVUE said...

If only I lived closer - I would do the typing for you. Free.