Sunday, August 12, 2007

Old Lady MySpace

I am confused (and apparently old). How do people get so many freakin' friends on MySpace? Particularly new young adult authors? Am I supposed to send out friend requests willy nilly? I only intend to update my MySpace page periodically. I plan to use it as a sort of place holde, directing people to my webpage and this blog. But I have heard that it is a great way to get in touch with teen readers, so I'd love to have it figured out by the time Get Well Soon comes out. Are there any readers of my blog who could give me a tiny tutorial?


Anonymous said...


Okay, so a lot of people do send out myspace requests "willy nilly", but it would be better to atleast check out those who have already friended YA books.

Check out my page: i think its

(I cant access it from work but I think thats it!)

Under the "Groups" section (bottom left) i am a member of a group for YA writers-- many published-- join this group. I get tons of requests from other writers out of that group, so I figure thats a good start. Then go check out there pages and send some requests to those who leave comments going, "I read your book and loved it!" then you are atleast targeting readers.

As your network grows its easier to make more new friends. Also friend everyone you know in real life too-- you can search by zipcode.

It helps to send a message to those you request-- there are 'friendbots' of random bands that just friend request literally everyone. If someone sends me a message saying, "hey I was hoping you'd like to check out my book, it drops on X date" I might be more likley to friend you.

HOpe it helps!


Julie H said...

Hey Mandy,

Thanks for the tips! I guess I'm going to have to do a lot of snooping to find authors and teens for friends. I'm going to use your page as a start :)

TLH said...

What's MySpace?