Sunday, August 05, 2007

Catalog shoppers?

You know, I must have done a really good job when I went through my phase of calling up companies to stop sending me catalogs because I don't' receive ANY. It's kind of weird, although probably best in terms of spending (and the environment, of course). But I was at my sister's today and came across a catalog for Boden. I remember this company because a woman I used to work with was a crazy catalog shopper, and this one was one of her favorites. They have very cute stuff, which I am considering (although I really need NOTHING. I can't even fit the clothes I have into my drawers and closet. I pretty much wear the same clothes all summer, but I try to be funky duuring the school year). In the spirit of catalogs, I have decided to do my second blog poll (I think polls are freaky fun, don't you?). It's kind of a lame one, but what the hey.

Do you order from catalogs or online?
Catalogs. I call and order over the phone.
Catalogs. Then I look up the items and order online.
I look at websites and order online.
I only shop in stores.
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I wanted to do a poll that asked you which catalogs you order from, but I couldn't think of any. So after you answer this complicated and thought-provoking poll, why not comment on the blog with your favorite catalog?

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