Friday, August 10, 2007

Most popular!

Ha! I was doing one of my many Amazon searches for Get Well Soon, and I think someone must have pre-ordered it today because it has a decent ranking. And check this out: Get Well Soon is number 86 on Amazon's list of
The most popular items in
Illness. Updated hourly.
Hee hee. That's a funny list to be on. Probably by the time you read this, I will be off the list. Until the book comes out (October 2!) Then look out illness list!!!


Tracy said...

How awesome! But where should I buy your book now? From here? From you? At one of your signings? Oh the dilemma.

Julie H said...

Well, the right thing to do is buy it from your local bookseller. And my signings (which I will soon post on my webpage) will be at independent bookstores, so you can buy it then! Thank you for your support. You know your name is in the book, right?

Tracy said...

The 15-year old in me says, "Cooooool."

I remember reading that in your first draft. Thanks. I'm flattered. Even more so than the gas station attendant who hit on my this afternoon.

Can't recall though, did you include the PB&J sandwich I mailed? That still makes me laugh.

And YES! I will be at one of your signings. Ever see Jake Byrd on JKL? Heheheheheh.