Saturday, January 22, 2011

What to Watch Weekend: Good Hair

I am loving Good Hair, the documentary by Chris Rock about African-American hair.  The absolute best parts are when Ice-T talks about having his hair relaxed.  He said that back in the day, it was gangsta to wear rollers in your hair to class.  The bigger the roller, the longer your hair, the more gangsta you were.  And Salt n Pepa recounted a story of when Pepa's sister relaxed her hair and burned it so badly that she had to shave the side.  Hence, her lopsided hairdo in the "Push It" video!  I also liked when they talked about random pieces of weaves rolling out salon doors like tumbleweeds.  "Tumbleweaves."  And also how funny Maya Angelou is.  Wow, and the amount of money it costs to get and maintain a weave.  Then Chris travels to India and finds where the hair comes from, and follows it back to the U.S.  Amazing.  Good stuff.

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check out
film about the loss of control of the Black Hair biz by it's customers