Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday Funnies

As you may have noticed, I have been a little absent.  Hopefully I'll be back full time soon.  In the meantime, enjoy this collection of bizarro Sunday ads:

This may be the most comfortable bra EVER, but what's the point of wearing it?  It obviously does nothing for the nungas.  If you want Full Freedom, I suggest the real thing.
I actually considered purchasing that owl.  We have a fake owl already in our backyard, to deter birds from pooping on our deck.  It is useless.  This one appears to be almost Clash of the Titans caliber. 
I find it rather obnxious when someone tells me to LOOK SLIMMER NOW.  Especially when the picture shown is of someone who obviously doesn't benefit at all from the product and probably had to have her size small taken in.  When this picture is small, I think she kind of looks like Amy Poehler.
I am finding these shoes strangely attractive.

Doesn't this look like an ad from the future?  Like, eat our new, fake gelatinous fruit, now that we cannot grow real fruit in our nuclear waste-contaminated soil!
Oh yes.  The Snap-It-Up jacket.  Dare to compare.  100% wash & wear.  Double brushed!  I like how they do not show the black version of it.  Too dark for this ad. 

Better head to the grocery store.  We're expecting a blizzard tomorrow.  I'm kind of stoked.  We haven't had a blizzard in over ten years, before Matt moved to Chicago.  It will be his and Romy's first.  Prepare thy snowblowers.


Ronni said...

Wait, you're telling me that these are in CURRENT Sunday papers??? Wow, I thought they were old for some reason, but then again, what sense does that make? I mean, why would you keep old papers, right?

Julie H said...

That's hilarious! No, Ronni, I find them in the Trib every Sunday. If I'm lucky :)

Holly said...

When I see the ads in the paper every Sunday I always wonder if your paper has the same ones. They get stupid.

Julie H said...

Holly, did you see these in the paper? Do you have better ones?

Holly said...

Sometimes we have different ones but they are equally awful.