Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Netflix Rant

This post comes directly after me saying I can't think of anything to blog about, and I don't really know if this post is an improvement.  However, I just read the article on Yahoo News about Netflix wanting their streaming to take over for their DVDs.  WTF?  That's like having cable and being forced to watch ON Demand crap when you want to watch a movie.  The choices are so limited.  Is that why everybody is using Red Box these days?  Whenever I go to Walgreen's, there's a line of people outside at their Red Box.  But I live near the border of Wisconsin, and standing outside to get  or return a DVD in the middle of winter sounds miserable.  Why is Netflix sucking all of a sudden?  We've been using them for probably a good nine years.  And lately, they have not been as on top of things.  First they sent us three discs instead of our two (not really a bad thing), and then they didn't send us the DVD on the top of our Queue even though it said it was available (90210 Season 10 isn't going to ship itself, people!).  Is there anything else out there like this?  I don't particularly want to support Blockbuster and their ultraconservative ways, but I also do enjoy having DVDs shipped to my house.  I recall there being an independent video store about ten minutes from our house.  Maybe it's time to move back to that.  But would it be so easy, now that I've become so accustomed to searching and waiting for DVDs to arrive?  I think I will consider going to the video store this weekend, just to see what's what.  Maybe we'll find something that wasn't even on our Queue.  And then we'll only be paying for what we want to get.  It sounds so old fashioned, doesn't it?


Brian James said...

I still have yet to watch "Instant" movie on netflix even though they sent me the software for my PS3 over a year ago. But I keep meaning to go that way. I've actually felt like they have most things available instantly now.

Julie H said...

I have it hooked up in the basement where we don't have a cable box. That's where I watch stuff while on the treadmill. It's good, but it's not great. Nothing new, and I can't get the 90210s on it. So really, what's the point?