Monday, January 17, 2011

I Accept

After the Golden Globes last night, like so many others I'm sure, I made an acceptance speech in my head.  But for what?  This year it was for an adaptation of one of my novels.  But why do I have to fantasize about it?  Why can't book awards have some fabulously glamorous event like this?  Maybe that's the kind of sparkle the book industry needs.  Logistically, I suppose there could be some issues.  There are probably (maybe?) way more books than there are films.  And books are all over the place in genres (but maybe that's how the awards could be divided up?).  And maybe, just maybe, not all authors are as physically appealing as actors.  Or at least as actors think they are.  Because, really, how many of those people last night would just be average looking if it weren't for the glitz of Hollywood shining off their foreheads?  If I had a personal trainer and a stylist and makeup and hair artists, I would be pretty damn hot, too.  Wouldn't it be fun?  And who would host these fancy book awards?  Steve Martin maybe?  Since he's done hosting gigs but is also an author?  Dunno.  I have to go get Romy out of bed, but share with me your thoughts on a book awards show.  Who should host?  Where should it be held?  And what would you wear?

And finally... the winner to the Caboose zine pack contest is: Loves Ke$ha Too!  Email me at with your address.

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Gaylene Wilson said...

Fabulous idea! Let's do it!