Monday, January 03, 2011

This is Not What I Ordered

I have a cruddy cold, the kind that takes forever to get here with its teasing, painful sore throats, and then four days later I can't breathe through my nose and I have random zits appearing (are those part of my cold?  They're weird zits).  Don't cry for me, though.  I don't like pity when I'm sick.  I like to be left alone, except for occasional deliveries of crappy magazines and drink refreshes.  However, I have yet to really get any alone sick time.  Romy is in full-on needy mode, which makes me feel like the worst mom ever.  But when I'm sick, I'm a pretty lame excuse for a mom anyway.  Today, I let Romy watch the first half hour of "Pee Wee's Big Adventure" three times.  Oy.  Damn, I'm rambling.  So here's a funny story:
Matt and I went through the Steak 'n Shake drive-thru during the ten minutes my mom could babysit Romy between us eating dinner and her going to Mah Jong.  Matt ordered the peppermint specialty shake, and I ordered my usual Double-Chocolate Fudge Sippable Sundae.  When we parked our car to scarf down the shakes, Matt, who I think has a pretty poor sense of taste, swore his shake wasn't right.  Although he couldn't pinpoint why.  Eventually he figured out that there were no chocolate chips, no peppermint, and way too many Maraschino cherries.  We went back through the drive-thru and said we had the wrong shake.  After waiting and finally arriving at the pick-up window, the cashier said, "Yeah, we're out of peppermint, and they didn't tell me.  So they just made something up."  Say what?  You don't mess with a man's shake (and they best be glad they didn't mess with this WOman's shake).  They whipped up a different shake, no comp or anything, and we drove off.  I called the store and talked to a manager because they have the best managers there.  Really.  Anytime I've had a screw up, they do me one better, give me the shake for free, and make it even BIGGER.  He was very apologetic and as confused as Matt and I were and said if I left my name, I could have a free shake.  But I didn't want to leave my name.  Because what if someone got fired, and my name was sitting there and when I went in to claim my free shake, the friends the fired-ee left behind shanked me or something.  Ha!  Steak 'n Shanked me!  That was not at all funny.  Except that it was.

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