Wednesday, January 05, 2011

This was me

I'm a bit on the fog lately.  If you know what that means, let me know.  Ever since I sent off The Sequel to my editor (about a month ago, I believe), I have been unfocused.  First there was Romy's sickness, then the holidays, then my sickness.  I started a book, wrote 50 pages in 3 days, and then stopped.  I had no idea who the character was.  Finally, two days ago, I took and shower (um, there were other showers in that period of time.  It was just this particular shower that was helpful) and I rethought the character.  So much that I will have to completely rewrite the beginning of the book.  Which I have never done before writing the rest of it.  I think my plan may be to type what I have, making the changes as I go.  That way, I will be partway finished with my awful typing task, I will get to rewrite the character, and I will get back into the book.  We shall see.  Maybe I won't like anything about the book anymore.  But, no, I will like it.  My other thing is that I must find a better place in my house to write.  There are too many interruptions in most places at most times.  I am thinking about getting some sort of low, comfy chair to write in in my bedroom and/or my bedroom closet (which is walk-in, but not huge), so I feel some semblance of privacy.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  I'm picturing one of those video game chairs.  I'll have to look into it.  Where do I buy something like that?  Target?

For the holidays, I received one of those photograph scanners.  I played around with it a little so I could share with you these images.  The letter is one I sent to my cousin, four years older than me, while she was at overnight camp.  The last is a picture of the giant sticker my cousin stuck on the back of the envelope and obviously why I thought she was the coolest person on Earth.

Wasn't I such a cutie?  Maybe I should write all of my books in checkbox form from now on.  Let me know your thoughts on that.  And don't forget to enter yesterday's contest to win an entire set of my friend Liz's zine, caboose!  I will select a winner on Friday.  And, you know, if you sent me a letter like the above to my P.O. box, I would totally write you back.


Kayla Olson said...

That letter was FANTASTIC! :) Best of luck with the re-writing/typing ahead of you—I'm sure it will turn out awesome.

Brian James said...

The first time I rewrote the beginning (in exactly the manner you're considering) was for my third novel. It was a lot more work, but so worth it. I've worked that way ever since. I find it better to get the character and tone nailed down early.

I have one of those video game chairs. They are really comfy. I think online would be the best place to find one of those. Mine's called 'the video rocker' (awesome, I know.)

Lastly, that letter is great. I would've checked YES at the end. Also, when you have time, I'd love to hear more about this 'cookout spaghetti'.

Julie H said...

Thanks, Kayla. And Brian, you make me feel good about my decision. When I manage to restart it, that is. And I must look into that chair! My cousin was the one who answered "cookout spaghetti." It does sound delish.