Thursday, January 20, 2011


You may or may not know that the only blog I read religiously is Go Fug Yourself, mainly because I think the two gals who write it are hilarious and my pop culture triplets (they are constantly referencing 90210 AND Clue: The Movie!).  My friend recently turned me on to Dlisted, and while I think it's a tad mean-spirited, this picture they posted had me laughing out loud:
At first you just notice how annoying Angelina Jolie is and how she looks bedraggled next to CZJ, but look in between them.  Michael Douglas!  Man, that's funny!  I can't stop laughing at it!  Seriously.  I'm still laughing.  And now you know, if there were any question, what kind of sense of humor I have.

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jpetroroy said...

Snort. I totally agree, and am giggling at my desk :)